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To kick off the 2023 Fall/Christmas Buying season, we are offering a larger set of 2023 Muskies, Inc. gear this year! All Muskies, Inc. members are getting up to 40% discounts on all clothing, jackets, towels and hats! And also helping out Muskies, Inc. efforts like stocking and new memberships.

NOTE: These will be on pre-sale from September 17, 20223 thru October 8, 2023. At that time these will go into production. These may take up to 8 weeks for delivery but should be delivered before that time. So, early December you should have your orders in plenty of time for Christmas.

BONUS! All orders will receive matching all new Muskies, Inc. PVC outdoor stickers! Orders under $50 will receive a bumper size Muskies, Inc. sticker!

Additional Store Items

Muskies, Inc. Hat

Black or Slate

$12.00 plus shipping & handling

Muskies, Inc. Decals

18 inch Decal

$10.00 plus shipping & handling

* Decals for your boat, truck or trailer

MI 2023 Calendar

Order Now

$30.00 plus shipping & handling

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