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  • To support selected conservation practices based on scientific merit and carried out by authorized federal and state agencies;
  • To promote muskellunge research;
  • To establish hatcheries and rearing ponds and introduce the species into suitable waters;
  • To support the abatement of water pollution;
  • To maintain records of habits, growth, and range of species;
  • To disseminate muskellunge information;
  • To promote good fellowship and sportsmanship among men, women and children;
  • To promote a high quality muskellunge sport fishery;


Muskies, Inc. is an Active, Service-Oriented, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization for men, women and children.

Founded in 1966 by Gil Hamm, the original group of thirteen avid Muskie Fisherman concentrated on continual improvement of the Muskie Resource through rearing and stocking efforts, and sound conservation practices.

Today, Departments Of Natural Resources have realized the value of stocking Muskies. There are thirty-seven of the lower forty-eight states with active Muskie stocking programs.

Muskies, Inc. has expanded to over 6,000 Members and 50 independent Local Chapters throughout the country. We have become a national voice of the protection of the Muskie species. Muskies, Inc. is widely recognized as the first organized group of anglers to espouse the “Catch And Release” practice now embraced by many conservation minded groups throughout North America. Today Muskies, Inc. focuses on three critical areas: Youth, Fisheries, And Research.

FISHERIES – Muskies, Inc. works to conserve, protect and restore North America’s Muskie Fisheries. Areas of concern include habitat preservation, water quality, water management policies, and the development/maintaining of self-sustaining fish populations.

RESEARCH – Muskies, Inc. continues to seek out Elevate And Fund Research for local projects and activities that involve improving Muskie fisheries.

YOUTH – Muskies, Inc. provides guidelines and suggestions for quality programs and activities to educate our young members and, where possible, youth in general to ensure the future of the fishery.

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Legacy: Be a part of shaping the next 50 years of Musky fishing in your area.
Programs: Better funded Youth Events, Promote Mentored Youth Fishing, Fishing Research and Conservation committees to support better conservation events.
Events: Chapter Meetings, Chapter Conservation Outings, Gil Hamm Challunge and Regional Challenges.
Communications: Muskie Magazine, Annual Calendar, Facebook and the Lunge Log.
Benefits: Discounts at Thorne Bros, Musky Tackle Online, Blue Ribbon Bait, and Tackle Industries.
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