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Welcome to Muskies, Inc. Hall of Fame

MI Hall of Fame Page:

  • To nominate an individual using the online form, you must be logged into the membership system - Select Nomination Form on the side menu. All information designated by an '*' is required. You will have the option to enter references and a narrative or you may upload a Word Document / and or a PDF of the supporting documents. You will receive an email copy of your nomination.
  • You also have the option to download the Nomination Form and mail it to: PO BOX 1509, Waukesha · Wisconsin 53187-1509.
  • DEADLINES: April - November is the Call for Nominations with deadline for submissions to be November 30th of each calendar year.
  • To view all the past Hall of Fame Inductees - Select Hall of Fame Inductees Report on the side menu.

Induction Rules & Regulations

Nominees for the hall must have shown an exceptional body of work in more than one of the following areas:

  • Promotes quality muskie fishing with all members in mind.
  • Practices conservation; is law abiding; promotes catch & release; and uses resources wisely.
  • Research. Is involved with muskie tagging and/or radio telemetry studies. Involvement in areas of muskie biology, ecology, understanding of the species.
  • Hatchery & Rearing. Helps in hatchery operations; studies suitable waters stocks existing and new waters; raises funds for stocking and rearing.
  • Water Pollution. Supports the abatement of water pollution.
  • Record Keeping. Maintains records of habits, growth, and range of the species; members only contests; chapter contests, etc.
  • Disseminates Information. Works on chapter publicity; MUSKIE Magazine; catch & release posters; outing publicity; video & films, etc.
  • Promotes Good Fellowship. Encourages new member signups; helps new and old members.
  • Chapter or National. Is a strong leader at the chapter or national level. Has worked on committees at one or both levels.

Induction Committee

The criteria and procedures for nominating a candidate for the MI Hall of Fame remain largely as follows:

  • A nominee must have been a member of Muskies, Inc. for a minimum of 10 years.
  • A nominee must have done exceptional work in more than one of the Muskies, Inc. purposes & areas described in the preceding paragraphs.
  • The nominee’s accomplishments must be submitted in writing by one or more individuals, to the committee chairperson.
  • Any past or present Muskies, Inc. member may nominate an individual for hall consideration. It is not required for chapters to approve or disapprove a nominee.
  • A nominee not selected for induction will be considered in succeeding years. All nominee information will be held in confidence in committee files.
  • The maximum number of inductees in a given year will not exceed three (3), but possibly no one would be inducted in a given year.
  • Inductees will receive a Muskies Inc. Hall of Fame plaque and their photo will appear in MUSKIE.
  • The committee chairperson does not vote.
  • The Muskies, Inc. Hall of Fame committee has the final vote on inductees.
  • All discussion regarding potential inductees shall remain confidential.