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NEW: Chapter 65 received grant funds from Muskies, Inc. Board of Directors Fisheries and Research Committee to perform a 3-year angler-driven study of the age, growth and abundance of tiger muskie in Pineview Reservoir, Utah. Using angler collected information to characterize the age distribution, growth, and numbers of tiger muskie in Pineview Reservoir, Utah.  Formal classroom training and hands on training was conducted on 27 April by DNR Biologist Mr. Chris Penne on clipping fin rays and tagging.

DNR Biologist Chris Penne providing training on clipping fin ray with Kristen Horrocks (Chapter 65) Fin Ray Trng First Fin Clip and Tag-1

NEW: Partnering with the state DNR chapter ordered signs and are placing them around waters that have tiger muskies.  Signs will be placed on Pineview, Jordanelle, Joes Valley and Newton.

Utah DNR Tiger Muskie SignIMG_0338Sign-2










We have a great local establishment that’s now supporting us: Anglers Den Roy, Utah (Harmon’s Plaza).  These folks are top notch and will soon be carrying quality muskie gear.  If you are ever out here in northern Utah stop by and say hello to (left to right) Wade, Kathy, James (Lance not pictured)

Anglers Den-1

Members assisted the Utah DNR Biologist Mr. Chris Penne and DNR technicians with stocking 12,500 tiger muskie fry from the Lee Kay Tiger Muskie Hatchery into Pineview Reservoir on 26 April 2017.  Additionally a local news station was on hand to also video tape the event.  Chapter member Tyson Sugihara also provided overhead drone footage.  Underwater video was also captured.

Link to underwater stocking video:

Link to Tyson Sugihara drone footage:

Link to stocking news station report and video:

Members were asked to help and participated in the States Tiger Muskie Seminar on 20 April 2017.  The seminar was hosted by the State DNR and State Blue Ribbon Fishery Advisory Council.  Members presented two hours if info on Equipment, Fighting, Holding, Releasing and seasonal tactics.  There were 172 folks in attendance for this seminar.  The DNR video taped the entire seminar.

Utah Tiger Muskie Seminar Joe Weisner briefs Equipment Utah Tiger Muskie Seminar Kent Sorensen briefs Summer Tactics Utah Tiger Muskie Seminar Kristen Horrocks briefs proper handling and releasing Utah Tiger Muskie Seminar Nick Granato briefs Spring tactics and fly fishing766A7556-(ZF-7065-99174-1-060) 766A7542-(ZF-7065-99174-1-048)

Link to Seminar Video:

NEW: Members toured the Lee Kay Tiger Muskie Hatchery 6 April 2017.  The members were able to see fry that they helped with when they helped net Northern Pike from Yuba Reservoir in early March that video is below.

Video link to Hatchery Tour:

Members assisted state DNR at Yuba to net Northern Pike for states tiger muskie program.

Here is a summary I received from the DNR Mr. Mike Slater Central Region Sportfish Project Leader:
“We were able to set and pull 12 gill nets and 8 traps nets each day from March 13-16, 2017. This resulted in a total of 122 female and 42 male NP being collected. We now have approximately 3,095,802 tiger muskie eggs incubating in the hatchery system. Several of the NP captured were released back into Yuba once the eggs were stripped, some were retained in the Lee Kay Hatchery to establish a captive brood and some were used for disease certification purposes to assure no diseases or pathogens were found or are being transferred from Yuba to the hatchery or other waters.  Bottom line, it appears we were able to hit the spawn just right and collect enough NP to meet the goals and objects of the state’s tiger muskie program for 2017.”
Link is to video chapter made on this assistance for Northern Pike:

2016 Chapter Community Service Project:

Chapter 65 member and Treasurer Jared Green coordinated the chapter’s community service project with the USDA Forest Services Adopt-A-Beach Program.  Starting in July thru October chapter members and Active Duty Military volunteers from the 649th Munitions Squadron (Hill AFB, UT) removed trash from a designated area consisting of pathways, land, and beach areas adjacent to Pineview Reservoir. Our total for 4 events was 60 man-hours removing 517 pounds of trash during the Adopt-A-Beach Program.


jared-green-chapter-65-adopt-a-beach-coordinatorimg_5030 img_5043 img_5038 img_5031working-under-growthnetwell-be-backno-caption-neededwaiting-for-undergrowth-toss-up