Promoting Mentored Youth Fishing

Give our youth a fish and you’ve fed them for a day, but teach our youth to fish anKasond you’ve helped create a lifetime of learning, amazing experiences out on the water, and memories that will last for as long as they live!

It is our goal at Three Rivers Chapter 16 to promote the sport of Musky fishing with our youth.

Fishing allows our children to take a break from technology, enjoy nature and experience the great outdoors. Fishing also teaches our children patience, gives them a healthy respect for conservation and gives you the opportunity to interact and have conversations that lead to life lessons9217547B-6196-4EE0-8029-41BF7469A50B.

It is our goal to create a mentored youth program within the Three Rivers chapter that will allow us to focus on teaching our youth about Pennsylvania’s native species and water ways. We will be working toward creating a plan for a mentored youth Musky fishing program for 2021. More details will come!


For now, we will continue to promote the sport of Musky fishing to our youth as they are the future of Musky fishing!