Chapter 65 shares Muskie Inc.’s mission to provide guidelines and suggestions for quality programs and activities to educate our young members and, where possible, youth in general to ensure the future of the fishery.

What have our Youth been up to in 2020?

Ellie Davis spent the year fishing with her dad, Jonathan Davis. She caught fish in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. Her biggest fish of the year was a 43.25″ tiger muskie that took first place in Chapter 65’s Youth Division.

Ellies Davis acceping her award for biggest youth fish caught in 2020

Jordan Venstra has been spending his time fishing with his dad, Jake Venstra, and his grandpa, Mickey Venstra. His biggest catch of the year was a 38.25″ tiger muskie.

Chapter Officer Ryan Elizondo from Washington took two young men out muskie fishing this year. Tommy McCabe and Ryan Rudkin caught this beautiful Washington tiger muskie on that trip. These two young men would later join Mountain West Muskie!

Tommy McCabe and Ryan Rudkin with their first tiger muskie ever!