Aging and Growth Study

Trained members of Mountain West Muskie assist the UDWR in an aging and growth study a Pineview Reservoir. The study has just completed its fourth year. When these trained members catch a tiger muskie from Pineview, the determine the gender of the fish, record the length, insert a unique tag next to the dorsal fin, clip the pelvic fin, then release the fish. The information is recorded and the pelvic fin is sent to the UDWR biologist to determine the age. Then, the next time that fish is caught, the angler reports the recapture and we can see how much the fish has grown between catches.

During our annual fall tournament, we had a special visitor in the form of our fastest recapture ever. Muskie #828 is a female tiger that was captured and tagged by a member on 6/24/2020 when she was 35.25″During our recent member’s tournament, chapter member Brigham Pett reported catching muskie #828 on 9/12/2020. Just 23 hours later, chapter member Clark Bailey reported catching her as well!! 23 HOURS!! She was 35.75″ at the point of her recaptures.

Electrofishing Surveys

On May 29th, 2020, two of our members were invited by the UDWR to participate in an electrofishing survey at Newton Reservoir. The survey consisted of two boats, one with the electrofishing booms, a pair of nets, and a livewell to stun and collect fish. They would then transfer fish to the livewell on the second boat that was set up to record species, length and weight of each fish. The survey found health populations of yellow perch, bluegill and largemouth bass, as well as some crappie. There were some rather large bluegill and largemouth bass captured as well. The survey crew also managed to catch four tiger muskies in the low to mid 30″ range. Those tigers were stocked in 2017.