On behalf of Chapter 65 members welcome to our page with some general information about this Muskies, Inc. Chapter starting with a brief history, community involvement, mission, vision and goal statements:

History: A very small group asked the question in February 2016; Can we become a Muskies, Inc. nationally recognized chapter?  Chapter 65 was placed on a probationary status June 2016 and in March 2017 the chapter was officially removed from probation.   We currently have active members from Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  We consist not only of experienced rod and reel anglers but also experienced fly fishing anglers. Chapter members have thousands of hours on the water many actively fishing for this species for 10 plus years. We also are students having thousands of hours of research off the water.

As dedicated anglers we’ve learned valuable lessons allowing each of us to become an even better angler in the pursuit of this awesome fish.

If one wants to become a student and learn about this species then Chapter 65 very experienced and knowledgeable anglers will do all we can to assist. But nothing is a given, as one needs to put in the time and also work to teach themselves and be willing to accept constructive criticism/feedback from seasoned anglers who have been there.  It’s employing the 3Ps of Passion, Persistence and Patience in pursuit of the fish of 10,000 casts.

Chapter Involvement:

  • Members assisted UDWR with Tiger Muskie fry stocking in Pineview Reservoir.
  • Members has hosted multiple educational seminars emphasizing proper handling and how to target tiger muskies.
  • Members assisted UDWR on Yuba Northern Pike for state Tiger Muskie program and Willard Bay Walleye for state sterile Walleye program.
  • Members consult with the UDWR on the statewide tiger muskie management plan. 
  • Trained members tag tiger muskies in Pineview for an aging and growth study. 
  • Members created an educational document on proper handling of tiger muskies which can be found in the 2019 and 2020 Utah Fishing Guidebooks. 
  • Members cleaned up 224 pound of trash off the beaches of Pineview Reservoir in 2020. 
  • Members collected 243 pounds of aluminum cans and 567 pounds of batteries for recycle in 2020. 

Mission: Promote current and future tiger muskie stocking, education, and research.

Vision: Ensure the quality of our future tiger muskie fisheries.

Goal: Recruit new like-minded members and promote education for the future of tiger muskie fishing.

We may be a small group of dedicated anglers but this chapter is up and growing to make a positive impact for the state of Utah and entire Mountain West region.

Again, on behalf of Muskies Inc. and Chapter 65, welcome to the Mountain West Muskie Muskies, Inc. Website

What is Muskies Inc.?

Muskies Inc is an international organization, comprised of local chapters throughout the US and Canada, dedicated to promotion of muskies and tiger muskies through its three key tenets: Research, Fisheries, and Youth.